Group Lead

Jed Brown

Jed Brown

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Jed is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science and leads the Physical Prediction, Inference, and Design Group. Among other community software work, he is a maintainer of PETSc and libCEED, and Associate Editor for JOSS. He likes climbing, skiing, running, and spending time with his two daughters.

PhD Students

Jeremy Thompson | Applied Math

Jeremy Thompson

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Jeremy is a former USAFA professor and USAF OR analyst. He is a core developer of libCEED interested in performance-portable high-order finite element methods, matrix-free multigrid, and computational fluid and solid mechanics.

Leila Ghaffari | Computer Science

Leila Ghaffari

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Leila (lay-lah) is one of the developers of libCEED interested in high-order finite element methods, computational fluid mechanics, and preconditioning methods for CFD solvers.

Rezgar Shakeri | Civil Engineering

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Graduate student in Civil Engineering working on mixed-FEM for porous media and incompressible materials.

Mike McCabe | Computer Science

Mike McCabe

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Mike is a PhD student working on integrating machine learning and numerical methods for computational science. His current interests include SciML and optimization for deep learning.

Rey Koki | Computer Science

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Ren Stengel | Computer Science

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Sarah Gage | Computer Science

Masters Students

Emily Jakobs | Applied Math

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Emily is a M.S. student in Applied Math who is working on applying machine learning to inverse problems in computational solid and fluid mechanics. Interests include statistics in dynamical systems, algorithmic differentiation, and robust numerical PDE methods.




Current Position

Valeria Barra ORCID iD icon

Postdoc, 2018-2020

RSE, Caltech

Tristan Konolige ORCID iD icon

PhD Student, 2016-2020

Dmitry Duplyakin

PhD Student, 2015-2017

Researcher III, NREL

Matthew Normile

BS+MS Student, 2017-2019